Highlights CBC Hockey Day in Canada at Long Pond
Howard Dill's Farm
January 5, 2002
Windsor, Nova Scotia

"Picturesque Long Pond is all set to provide the beautiful outdoor venue for CBC Hockey Day in Canada telecast. Many historians consider Long Pond as the Cradle of Hockey in Canada."

"Ron MacLean and Don Cherry looking over some of Howard Dill's old hockey photos."

"Hockey legend Don Cherry, made an unscheduled and surprise visit to Howard Dill's farm the day prior to CBC's Hockey Day in Canada, to see a sample of Dill's large collection of hockey memorabilia such as a pair of Starr Skates from the 1800's, still in the original box."

Ron MacLean interviews the proprietor of Long Pond - Howard Dill during the live broadcast on Hockey Day in Canada. MacLean and Dill talked about many of the great hockey players who hailed from Windsor and the old historic rubber pucks discovered at Long Pond."

"A portion of the large crowd anxiously awaiting the arrival of Don Cherry at Long Pond on Howard Dill's farm in Windsor for CBC's Hockey Day in Canada."

"Hockey fans from across Canada surround Don Cherry at Long Pond. An estimated 3,000 visitors made the pilgrimage to Long Pond on Hockey Day in Canada."

"Don Cherry and Ron MacLean whoopin' it up with pleasure on the Long Pond January 5, 2002 for Hockey Day in Canada on Howard Dill's Farm in Windsor, Nova Scotia."

"The official opening for Hockey Day in Canada on January 5, 2002 kicks off from where it all began - Long Pond on Howard Dill's farm. Those included King's-Hants MP Scott Brison, King's-Edgehill Headmaster David Penaluna, CBC's Ron MacLean, Windsor Town Councillor John Bregante, Town Crier Lloyd Smith, Windsor Mayor Anna Allen and King's-Edgehill Junior Hockey coach Kevin Lakes."

"In addition to owning Long Pond where the game of ice hockey is believed to have originated, Howard Dill also has one of the largest private collections of hockey memorabilia in Canada and hopes that within a year or two to build his own Sports Memorabilia Centre at his farm."

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